David Hartsough

—a happy human helping humanity understand and achieve flourishing.


My Big Bio (2016)

My Big Bio is a website where you can create a thorough/in-depth autobiography or create a biography of your grandparents to remember them by and share it with your family. As you fill out your bio, the site generates a timeline and map of your life.

Spot Seeker (2016)

Spot Seeker is a social cartography app where Spot Seekers help each other explore the most beautiful places nearby. Join in by marking your favorite Spots, rating Spots you visit, and mapping out great local location.

Answers From All (2016)

Ask big questions. Explore all answers. AnswersFromAll.com (AFA) aims to aid in the exploration of one's perspectives on life by asking big questions. All answers are anonymously displayed and can be sorted or shuffled randomly.

3-a-day (2016)

3-a-day.co is a web app that provides a place to practice positivity by writing down 3 things that went well and why they went well every day. 3-a-day is inspired by the "what went well" gratitude exercise created by positive psychologists.

HapiDaily (2015)

HapiDaily stands for have a positive impact daily. HapiDaily is a web app that gives daily notifications via text to those who join in. Every day, it provides another way for you to make a difference, and each week is themed around a specific value. Text "hapidaily" to 84483 to join in.

KO Kickstarter (2016)

KO Kickstarter is a dev build tool that helps developers kickoff a great Knockout, Browserify, and Director web app. It sets up a modular app structure, serves files with a live reload watcher, and distrubutes a minified build at launch-time.

Less is More (2015)

Less is More is a simple dev build tool that can lint, minify, and serve. The package designed to help developers get started creating fast using the bare bones basics: raw HTML, CSS, and JS.

Time (2013)

"Time" is a web app that gives users a new perspective on how long events in life actually are through the use of colorful, graphic representations. This timeline style was later used in My Big Bio.

Ascend (2014)

Back in during my junior year, two students and I were given about two months to make an 2D infinite-runner Android game in Unity. To determine the game's theme, our professor made us draw an adjective and a noun from a hat. We pulled "wistful" and "stairs"... Yeah.

#HashtagHipsterHeaven (2013)

This Android app is pure gold. "Customize a character with various hipster clothing apparel, hair styles, and more." I made this with a few other students, and my favorite part is still the backing track we created.

Grumpy Grandpa Loops (2013)

This little Android app game for tablets was the result of a prompt that roughly went something like: "Make a Thanksgiving-themed soundboard/audio-looping game in about two weeks."

Mr. Whiskers (2013)

What a strange project. Mr. Whiskers is a text adventure game, but a text adventure game that makes you ask existential questions about who you're playing as. (Gameplay hint: You can only use words seen in all caps.)

Sound in Silence (2012)

SoundInSilence.com is the website for my friend Aaron's recording/producing studio. This was one of the first websites I built from scratch. It's still snazzy, even if unused and untouched in years.

Happy Balls (2012)

Ah, Happy Balls. What a classic little game. This was one of my first development projects ever. I still have the Processing project somewhere, full of all the lovely home-recorded sounds.