Dope Music Mixes

by David Hartsough (2018-12-31)


What this?

At the end of every year, people come together in the name of dope mixtapes. They spend hours, days, and weeks meticulously crafting the perfect playlists to exchange with each other.

Rules for listening

When you first listen to someone else's playlist, DON'T READ THE TRACK LIST. Let yourself experience the mixtape like it was an actual tape or CD handed to you with only a fun title written in permanent marker on top.

"Rules" for mixing

  1. It is recommended that you title your mix something unique and memorable.
  2. Your mix should be "album length", meaning it is about an hour long (probably about 12 full songs).
  3. No repeating artists. (There are a small few exceptions.)
  4. The songs you choose should be significant to your year. Use inspirations from artists you discovered, saw in concert, or just obsessed over throughout the year.
  5. Try to make your songs flow perfectly between each other. Listen closely to hear how the track transitions sound, paying keen attention to the ends and beginnings of songs.
  6. Exchange your mixes within the final week or two of the year.

David's Dope Music Mixes

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2016: Scintillating Sounds