WritingsDavid Hartsough

How to Write Readable Posts

An essay on how to make your writings and posts more readable and approachable.

Stumbling on Happiness: book review

A quick review of the book Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

History of the theory of well-being

A meta-analysis of the theories, definitions, and operationalizations of well-being and flourishing throughout the history of positive psychology.

The Importance-Avoidance Effect

The Importance-Avoidance Effect is a cognitive bias that causes people to procrastinate and avoid prioritizing something perceived as extremely important.

Connection count

Have you ever counted how many close friends you've made in the past decade? How many friendships can you genuinely actively maintain at a time?

My biggest problem right now (possibly)

Do you ever look back at the past month wondering why you didn't do the fifty things you wanted to do, talked about doing, and sometimes even agreed to do?

Self-discovery pseudoscience fads

An honest discussion of the fads of personality type tests, astrology, and other self-discovery pseudoscience.

Disorders vs character flaws

What's the difference between a personal character flaw and a neurological, psychological, or physiological disorder?

Reflections on Moments

Takeaways from a year of using the Moments app to track notable memories of my life.

What is love?

What does love look like? What are the most universal expressions of love? How do you define and outline love?

History of HapiDaily

An overview of every year of HapiDaily since 2015

How many people have ever lived?

A exploration on quantifying humanity and human history.

Racism kills: What can be done?

A discussion on racism, discrimination, and police brutality and what can be done to eradicate them.

Existential thoughts from video games

Existential thoughts sparked by survival / resource-gathering / sandbox video games, like No Man's Sky and Raft.

Monthly Moments

An exploration on the why and how behind my social sharing app: Monthly Moments.

10 things to do while quarantined (during a pandemic)

Ideas on reasonable and useful ways we can spend our time while we're all staying home.

Friends Worldwide

Join Friends Worldwide: the freshest social network for chatting with friends around the world.

Dope Music Mixes

Dope music mixes through the years -- the end of the year playlists. An intro to the annual Dope Mixtape Exchange.

My Ideal Impact

Through time taken in reflection and introspection, I've outlined my ideal impact. This is my attempt to define and document what I want to do with my life.

Reflections on "Normality"

What is "normal"? How do we, as a society/civilization, collectively define it? What is the impact of our definition?

Web dev tech trends

A look at the broad-scale industry trends of web development technologies.

50 People's Impacts

An examination of 50 people and their positive impact on the world. Inspiration based on the idea: 'You can't be what you can't see.'

A surely biased and incomplete list of the best albums of the 21st century

It is kinda like the David Awards for Albums of the Century, and all the nominees are just whatever albums I ever listened to.

Advice for new web devs

My words of advice to recent grads, beginning developers, and aspiring coders.

Wika: a mini universal language

Wika is a pidgin language or universal/international auxiliary language for people from different nations to communicate basic needs.

What does the world need?

The world needs humanity to define itself, its needs, and its priorities. Together, humanity can create a world the fosters flourishing.

This one's for humanity

I'd like to throw a pity party. This one's for humanity. You're welcome to join. Just lemme know and I'll get the pizza. Gonna reflect on civilization.

My Why Statement

My WHY statement describes the contribution and impact I want from my life. These are my iterations and notes that helped me define it.

Comparing Cities

A look at life lessons learned in the search for the perfect city. How do you effectively compare cities and choose where to live?

My Identity

David Hartsough is a young human male. This is his identity broken down by identities, values, missions, strengths, weaknesses, personality, etc.

My Big Bio

A copy of my answers to the Perspective and Purpose sections of My Big Bio from January, 2017.

Human Flourishing

A look at the best attempts of positive psychologists to define human flourishing. What does flourishing mean for humanity? What does it look like?

Differing Worldviews Within the Family

A discussion on the unfortunate consequences of differing worldviews within the family and three ways to overcome them.

My Message

My "message" of wisdom from my 21-year-old self. A list of ideas, ideals, lessons, and conclusions on life and how to live it.

The Diamond in the Light

An essay that examines the value of travel as a transformative experience of change and growth by exploring the impact of reflection upon perspectives.

Think Pieces on London

A series of think pieces written during my study abroad in London.

Mission Statement

An attempt to break down my ideals into my first mission statement. Examining what's most important and what the world needs.

The Way I Am, Sometimes

A discussion on my ADHD and how it influences why I am the way I am sometimes.

Complacency to Catastrophe

A paper written in a high school British Literature class about the satire in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.

A Short Life On A Small Planet

On this small planet of 7.6 billion people, life is short. Have confidence. Keep your cool. Love others.