My Ideal Impact

November 3, 2019

Update (Nov, 2019)

A months after I wrote the original draft (see previous version below), I wasn't fully satisfied with my previous outline of my ideal impact (which tends to happen more commonly than I thought). As life goes on, I learn more about myself and my potential, which inevitably changes my ideals, so even this latest revision may feel outdated in the months that follow. Time will tell!

Ultimate goal and impact

Fostering Flourishing

Help humanity define, outline, and operationalize flourishing ("the good life") ... from the universal level to the personal level.

Create a framework for fostering flourishing.

  • Create educational resources that provide explanatory knowledge of this framework.
  • Create practical tools that apply this framework to prioritization, goal setting, and decision making.
  • Create promotional media that advocates the adoption, implementation, integration, and utilization of this framework.
  • (All creations and content are based on scientific research.)

Thanks and its Lifetime Aspirations program helped me form this conclusive "ultimate goal".

Previous version (Sept, 2019)

After weeks of reflection and introspection, I've finally arrived at an outline of my ideal impact that I'm satisfied with. This is my attempt to define and document what I want to do with my life.


  • Develop frameworks, methodologies, processes, practices, techniques
  • Define, outline, operationalize
  • Develop tools and resources


  • Decision making, prioritization, goal setting
  • Needs, values, principles, ideals
  • Reason, rationality, knowledge, truth, discernment, critical thinking
  • Flourishing, connectedness, aspiration, motivation, ambition, identity, actualization
  • Effective altruism, ethics, humanism, progress


Individuals and institutions


  • Further the scientific research and understanding
  • Foster adoption and implementation
  • Promote and advocate the ideas
  • Develop tools and resources
  • Write and speak


Positively impact and influence the way of living for individuals and the way of operating for institutions


Reform capitalism, democracy, voting, and education


Cultivate connectedness, build community

My ideal career

Academia, nonprofit, effective altruism organization, foundation, think tank, behavioral science research lab, behavioral science consultancy, or government


80,000 Hours